Dialogue on Future Urbanism:
Sony Computer Science Labs x Melbourne School of Design

  • January 2024 Update

    January 2024 Update

    The first set of multidisciplinary dialogue sessions between Melbourne School of Design and Sony Computer Science Lab researchers took place during early 2023, exploring three open areas concerning cities, technologies, infrastructures, and culture. You can find recordings of all three discussions below: They helped set the scene for multiple ongoing discussions and events over the…

  • Sony CSL visit Melbourne

    Sony CSL visit Melbourne

    19-20 June 2023 Sony CSL researchers from Kyoto and Tokyo labs (Yuichiro Takeuchi, Masatoshi Funabashi, Kotaro Jinushi, and Kousaku Ohta) spent two days at the Melbourne School of Design in June 2023, meeting University of Melbourne researchers from across three different faculties. Day one started with the Sony crew meeting Hannah Gould and Rory Hyde…

  • Dialogue #3: Food and ecosystems

    Dialogue #3: Food and ecosystems

    March 10, 2023 Guests In this third session we discussed various issues related to ecosystems and food production, such as participatory design of food policy, the possibility of urban food production, stimulating and visualising biodiversity and culture through 3D-printed natural environments and augmented reality, as well as the regenerative possibilities of sustainable forms of agriculture…

  • Dialogue #2: Infrastructure and democracy

    Dialogue #2: Infrastructure and democracy

    March 9, 2023 Guests In this second dialogue session, we discussed the emergence of new urban technologies such as shared renewable energy microgrids and autonomous transportation, diverse mobility technologies, and advanced data-enabled planning and operations, as well as the power dynamics and political relationships inherent to shared future infrastructures and urban technologies, and the possibility…

  • Dialogue #1 : Computation and culture

    Dialogue #1 : Computation and culture

    February 8, 2023 Guests In this inaugural Future Urbanism session, we introduced the series, and the emerging collaboration, before asking our guests to present their research to help frame a group discussion. After Dan Hill and Yuichiro Takeuchi shared some framing prompts for the work, the discussion covered topics such as: the cultures of everyday…

  • Introduction


    Welcome to a Dialogue on Future Urbanism, a site following the series of ongoing discussions and activities between researchers at Sony Computer Science Labs and the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne. The question of a future urbanism is pursued through a broad and diverse series of agendas, perspectives and practices, and…