Assoc. Prof. Crystal Legacy, Japanese Room, Melbourne School of Design

Dialogue #2: Infrastructure and democracy

March 9, 2023


  • Majid Sarvi (Transport Technologies Group, Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne)
  • Crystal Legacy (Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne)
  • Daisuke Kawamoto (Sony CSL – Tokyo)
Sony CSL x MSD Future Urbanism Dialogue #2, March 9 2023

In this second dialogue session, we discussed the emergence of new urban technologies such as shared renewable energy microgrids and autonomous transportation, diverse mobility technologies, and advanced data-enabled planning and operations, as well as the power dynamics and political relationships inherent to shared future infrastructures and urban technologies, and the possibility of incorporating participative practices and citizen-led activism into decision-making, design, and operation of urban spaces and infrastructures.

Daisuka Kawamoto, Sony CSL


  • Dan Hill (Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne)
  • Yuichiro Takeuchi (Sony CSL Kyoto)

The event was held on on March 9, 2023. The distributed venue for the Zoom conversation was the Japanese Room, Melbourne School of Design, the Sony CSL studio in Tokyo and the Sony CSL studio in Kyoto.






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